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    We connect our clients to the future of commerce

  • Our Philosophy: We're Better Together

    We believe that our clients don't just need a team to outsource to, they need experts that help drive results and position them for the future.

    We work with our clients to build ecommerce ecosystems that demand differentiation. We build for the future customer, with cutting-edge targeting and analytics baked into our thinking and our deliverables.


    Talk to us and see how we can take everything we have learned and add it to everything you and your team want to achieve.

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  • The Art & Science of Our Solutions

    Our expert team and powerful tools, give our clients a one-stop-shop for ecommerce consulting and website builds with data and analytics hard wired into the development – to ensure the most cutting edge bad assery. And it's our proprietary 360 degree view of the customer experience that will give you an edge over competitors, drive revenue and customer loyalty.

    Ecommerce Design & Development

    Powerful solutions, designed for your growth.

    Art: We build ecommerce sites that look great on all the devices your customers shop on, and won't buckle under the load when your traffic goes through the roof.

    Science: Our Product, Solution and Delivery teams work with a variety of modern ecommerce tools including Magento, Shopify and SAP Hybris.

    Conversion Optimization

    We build the framework for data driven decision making.

    Art: Our optimization techniques help turn your visitors in to customers by making a better and better customer experience each month.


    Science: We utilize partners like Google, Optimizely, Qubit, Monetate, Bronto and UserTesting to continually identify conversion and engagement opportunities.

    Fulfillment & Inventory Management

    The infrastructure to support B2B and B2C ecommerce.

    Art: With ecommerce, the package arriving can be the first physical interaction with your brand. That means it has to be there fast, and hit all of the customer's expectations.


    Science: Our ecommerce pick, pack and ship facility sits in Ohio, at the corridor of I-75 and I-80/90 making it easy to ship from East to West, North to South and beyond.

    Marketplace Strategy & Management

    Get your products where your customers shop.

    Art: Whether you have 5 or 50,000 products, marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart can be great places to post beautiful listings that get your customers excited to buy.


    Science: Our Amazon team is capable of sending your products to Amazon warehouses to have Amazon handle your fulfillment via Amazon Prime, or working with a third party fulfillment house. We can optimize your listings to get them found and bought. We also can dynamically price your items to keep you in the buy box, and claim as much margin as possible.

    Ecommerce Strategy

    A goal without a plan is just a dream.

    Art: Let's start the process by discovering the best way to position your brand's ecommerce touch points. This is based on our proprietary in-depth analysis.


    Science: We'll take a deep dive and review hundreds of data points that impact your brand's commerce presence. The result is an in-depth report out that provides a road-map to optimizing your ecommerce opportunity.

  • About Cheetah Interactive

    We've been around the digital block. Our team has a combined 35 years experience building, breaking and winning with ecommerce design, development and marketing.


    As anyone who knows can tell you, success in this space is often built on the backbone of trial and error. We've been there, so you don't have to go there. And we know what works and how to optimize ecommerce products that win.


    We work with B2B and B2C brands to create ecommerce experiences that drive revenue and loyalty.

  • Our Process

    Every client is unique, but we work from a similar workflow for most initiatives.
    Here's a quick look at our overall process.

    Proposal and Investment Alignment

    Simple proposals and budgets that make sense.

    We understand that our work is complex. Our goal is to simplify the proposal process and to provide easy to understand flat rate project

    costs and monthly fees associated with our initial deployment and on-going optimization and support.

    Strategy and Planning

    We'll take a deep dive and surface with a game plan.

    Let's get under the hood. Our experts will review your existing data, team and systems. We use that to deliver data driven insights to put together the right approach for your goals.

    User Experience and Visual Design

    Data-driven experience design, created for customer delight.

    We create products that engage, nurture and convert. Our team has the expertise to seamlessly integrate user-experience and user-interface.

    Production and Testing

    Progressive development with all the goods baked in.

    Our full stack developers tediously work on every detail to build environments that learn, predict, personalize and inform at all customer touch points.

    Analysis & Optimization

    It's not just data, it's a story of your customer's journey with your brand.

    Break open the powerful tools that make sense of the data and connect the dots to on-going success. Count on our experts to slice and dice the data and supply reports that show you how we'll optimize for success.

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